Rippinit believes in
creativity. individuality. Empowerment.

Passion, optimism and belief in the underdog expressed through our Digital Media products.

Power of people

Empowerment of the underserved. Especially in emerging economies.


Technology presents an opportunity for an almost level playing field.


In search of the right global strategic partnerships in allignment with our objectives.

for the underdog.

About us

Rippinit is a Digital Media company that develops solutions to empower educators, independent music artists, creative businesses, and aspiring athletes especially in emerging economies. The internet presents us with huge opportunities , and Rippinit intends to empathetically utilize these opportunities by developing products & services that would thrust our clients to exponential levels of emotional and socio-economic fulfilment.

Our Products

Cave Of Adullam Records

For The Global Underground

Koya Africa

Digital Education For Africa

Camels Belly

Coming Soon

Our Blog

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