Digital Education For Africa

Koya Africa

Koya believes empowering teachers with digital skills is the key to improving access to quality education.

The new millennium came with a new medium, “the internet. And with it came tons of new ways of doing things. Education wasn’t left out, with the advent of online courses. These courses are left to the experts, and a huge number of traditional teachers assume teaching online is some magic skill that they would never have.


Teachers worldwide are highly underpaid especially in Africa, with the average annual salary of a teacher in sub-Saharan Africa at 1,000USD. 
Apart from the shortage which is highly publicized, as UNESCO puts 17 million teachers, as the needed number of teachers by 2023, there is a major welfare problem.
Koya teaches educators how to create online courses to serve as revision material for their students and others, and also provides the platform by which they can monetize their content.
With this approach, Koya believes improving the welfare of educators would not only lead to improvement in the quality of education, but also a more thriving and healthy pre-tertiary education industry.


Ed-Tech, Digital Media