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How Can You Find Personal Growth Through Change?

by Brian Krause

Adapting to changes in our lives can inspire some serious personal growth. If you are preparing to make a change in your career, get back into school or tackle some other major life moment, you need to make sure self-care a part of your plan. But you may be wondering what self-care is and how […]

The Mental Health Benefits of Self-Care

by Brian Krause

    What’s “healthy,” after all? In U.S. society, it seems health is often equated with tan lines, thigh gaps, summer bodies, and other impossible physical standards. Granted, exercise has been shown to lower stress, ease anxiety, curb ADHD jitters, and medicate depression naturally. But it also feels like the benefit of having the body […]

The Entrepreneurship Fad

by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar

Ok, entrepreneurship is now a trend. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It is true we need more entrepreneurs for economic growth to take place, in fact, more so in Africa than anywhere else at the moment.  And to be specific, we need technology inclined entrepreneurs that’ll leverage tech to push growth […]

What is Your Why?

by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar

“He who has a why can endure anyhow” Fredrick Nietzsche. Amanda Lang and Simon Sinek are most popular for evangelizing the “why” concept through their books “The Power of Why’ and “Start with Why” respectively. They also speak about it regularly. So what is this “why” concept? It’s basically about finding out your purpose for […]