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What is Your Why?

by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar

“He who has a why can endure anyhow” Fredrick Nietzsche. Amanda Lang and Simon Sinek are most popular for evangelizing the “why” concept through their books “The Power of Why’ and “Start with Why” respectively. They also speak about it regularly. So what is this “why” concept? It’s basically about finding out your purpose for […]

Power in the “P”

by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar

Power in the “P” by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar   According to Brian Tracy, there are 7 Ps you should use to evaluate your performance. And as he puts it; products, markets, and needs change rapidly; it would be helpful to use these 7 Ps to continually stay on track. Product; develop the habit of looking […]

Hip-Hop and Mental Health

by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar

Hip-Hop and Mental Health by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar   The Geto Boys ‘mind playing tricks on me’ has to be one of the most introspective hip hop songs, delving into the minds of troubled young black men from the ghettos of Houston. This song is a very good example of how Hip Hop artists use […]

Benefits of Primary and secondary online education in Nigeria. (with Infographic)

by Ahmed Sabi Abubakar

Online learning is revolutionizing the way the world learns. It has the potential to dramatically expand the educational opportunities of students everywhere, largely overcoming the geographic and demographic restrictions. Can this also take place in Africa? Why not? Technology is Africa’s hope, our chance to be able to compete on a global scale regardless of […]