The young generation in Africa is huge, at about 70%, with a lot of vibrance and ambition. This ambition should be nutured with education, especially as statistics reveal a country’s literacy level is synonymous with its economy.

K-12 is a crucial stage, and currently two of it’s biggest problems in Africa are the low qualified teacher to student ratio, and poor teacher welfare.

Koya addresses these problems by teaching African educators how to teach online, and enabling them sell the courses they create to their students and millions of others on the same platform.

Koya is contributing to the digitization of education, through educators low Mb video courses which would exponentially increase teachers’ earning potential, and students access to quality teachers.

Cave of Adullam

Globally, non-mainstream artists don’t get the support they need to build a sustainable music career. They mostly operate independently with little resources.

The Cave is all about prosperity for the independent artist, and we ensure this by building a global fanbase for our clients, and setting up a revenue collection structure through publishing and licensing deals.

We have clients spread accross the global underground who we’ve assisted in building careers, and we’re looking forward to doing so much more.


Africa is full of unfulfilled dreams, athletes with nowhere to showcase their talent.

As the NBA launches an African league Wedeyball is right on time, as it showcases talented young African basketballers through multiple channels.

Wedeyball aims to be the go to platform for scouts and basketball enthusiasts looking to be kept up to date with what’s new in African basketball.

Camel's Belly

Everything hip-hop for fans worldwide.