Considering the popularly low welfare of teachers worldwide, especially in Africa. Koya empowers our everyday teachers by teaching them how to create world-class online courses and providing them with a platform to sell these courses to their students and millions more.

Cave of Adullam

Music, an indescribable force that contributes so much to humanity, created by artists who are chosen by their passion. Fortunately, and unfortunately, the internet enables almost anyone to share their art with the world.

At the Cave, we believe there has never been a better time for non-mainstream artists, and our mission is to enable these artists to earn decently from their music through various online channels.


Africa is full of dreamers and scarce with opportunity. With 74.4% of players in the NBA being of African origin, it’s obvious where the talent is.

Efforts to identify and showcase these talents are admirable but more help is needed, and that is where We Dey Ball comes in. We want to help showcase African basketball talent to the world.

Camel's Belly

Media content provider for fans of hip hop music around the globe.