The 2nd edition
of the
PenPencilEraser Basketball tournament

The 2nd edition of the ppe_logo Basketball tournament is here.
Rippinit and The Tao Company would be organizing the full court edition of our basketball competition between private secondary schools in Ibadan Nigeria. And it is  sponsored by tutors-com-ng.

We appreciate everyone who made the last one a success, and are looking forward to their participation this time around also, all the schools involved, Nickdel College, Moret College, Livingstone College, Maverick College and I.S.I students. Ibadan International School and Marella College for their input and support regardless of their inability to participate.


The game would be hosted by one of the participating schools, and the date is still in the works, however it will be in the 2017/2018 academic session.

A team would comprise of between 5-12 kids. The tournament would take 2 days and there will be various prizes including back packs for individual players in the top three winning teams, as well as team prizes like cups and medals.

Basketball has always been a sport that strengthens bonds, promotes discipline, inspires youth and builds up so many other positive qualities in our youth.

At Rippinit, we are passionate about youth development, we believe that education doesn’t start or end in the classroom, and we support our beliefs with programs that would contribute to the all round education of our children.

It’s all about providing positive interests for our children. Keeping them inspired, positively motivated and engaged in self building activities. And there’s hardly any sport that accomplishes all of the above as easily as basketball.

Our Vision

Owing to the increasing disillusionment of the Nigerian youth to national development as it relates to his/her socio-economic status, there is an increasing demand for programs that will not only promote basic values, but will also stimulate the development of the youths’ capacities. Nigeria is made up of a sports-loving, teeming youth population (45 percent of the population is 15 years and under). We believe that the Penpencileraser  basketball Tournaments are well positioned to help move forward the nation’s youth empowerment and developmental effort. Our mission is to use the Tournaments as a catalyst for such youth developmental efforts in Nigeria.

Want to participate or sponsor?