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At Rippinit’ we are passionate about our clients, as a result we collaborate with clients to establish bold, effective solutions.


  1. ppe_logo

     A web based school management app to simply ease education in pre-tetiary institutions. In partnership with Probe-Seven India.

  2. tutors-com-ng
    An online test prep and lesson streaming app for primary and secondary school students and teachers.

  3. caveofadullam
    An online music label and digital media platform with global solutions for independent artistes.


  1. Business development for start up companies (Business Model Canvas developement and Business Plan development ). Consulting and assisting entreprenuers from idea to marketplace.
  2. Training for Creative Entreprenuers and Visual Communicators.

Events & Projects


  1. The annual PenPencilEraser 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament for private secondary schools.


  1. The Rippinit Initiative:
    Rippinit is all about creative partnerships and collaboration. We have set up an initiative that would incubate start ups within our start up. With team members championing their own ideas, they would have access to Rippinit’s human, physical and capital resources and complete support. CaveofAdullam is a seed of this initiative and we are excited to see how far it’ll go.