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Rippinit is an Ed-Tech and Digital Media company, committed to easing life through fun and innovative solutions. We create and manage web based solutions for schools, K-12 students, visual communication artists and creative artistes.

It is run by  Ahmed Sabi Abubakar, Osas Otabor, Dan Abubakar, Judith Godfrey, Seun Godson and Usman Abubakar, we utilize creativity, innovative technology and strategic global partnerships to develop and manage various passionate products for our target markets.

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We have PenPencilEraser, the SaaS EdTech product with ProbeSeven India,
Tutors.com.ng, a Lesson streaming platform for K-12 teachers and students,
and Cave of Adullam Records, a digital music label/digital media outfit all accessed through the Internet.


We aim to ease life and work and increase quality using the Internet, innovation and technology.

Rippinit’s mission is centered around promoting individuality, watering the seeds of diversity by presenting unique and innovative content and solutions to our market.

Diversity and individuality thrive economies, build and flourish societies. As it is commonly said ‘variety is the spice of life’, the way glorious diversity has been swallowed and repackaged as a monolithic behemoth representing lack of creativity and little or no inspiration is limiting us, and we are determined to empower through our products.

Technology is our most available tool, Africa might have missed out in all previous ages, but we aren’t going to miss out on the Information Age. We are committed and would do our best at making an impact from this corner of the world.

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Resident DJ

Founder & Managing Director
Ahmed Sabi Abubakar
Judith Godfrey
Social Marketing/Content Developer
Usman Abubakar
Visual Communications Artist
Seun Godson
Customer Care
Osas Otabor
Web Design/Developer + Digital Advertising
Dan Abubakar

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