What is Literacy?

According to Alain Buffing of Tuk Tuk, “Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that allows you to communicate with others. The power of speech lies not just in the ability to read and write, but rather in a person’s capacity to apply these skills to effectively connect with the world in which they live.”

To be able to compete in society today, a basic level of literacy is important. Learning is a necessary aspect of our kid’s lives, and it could be done in so many ways these days. Effectiveness is key, as long as progress is made in measurable ways.


Why Is Literacy so Important?

A lot of kids are being classed as ‘digital natives’, they are as comfortable online as they are offline. The internet has brought with it endless possibilities, and education has not been left unaffected by it. The vastness of the internet, however, can be a hindrance to those kids who cannot effectively interpret the material presented.
Strong literacy skills are a key tool used when kids discern and interpret information, enabling them to utilize the internet to its full potential.


Ways to support your child’s literacy development.

Studies have shown that children’s motivation and achievement improve when their parents are involved in their education. There are many everyday things you as a parent can do to encourage literacy learning. These include:

  • Sharing your knowledge and explaining how you use literacy in your everyday life
  • Encouraging your child to write and design for a variety of purposes using different mediums
  • Discussing how texts look different depending on the purpose and audience — for example, text messaging uses different spelling from school projects
  • Talking about things that you have read or viewed that were amusing, interesting or useful
  • Discussing favorite authors, producers, directors or illustrators and what you like about them
  • Discussing new and unusual words or phrases and exploring these through print and electronic dictionaries
  • Playing games that develop knowledge and enjoyment of word
  • Making use of community resources for information, local and school libraries.


This generation must keep up in every type of literacy 

Children are our future and if their level of literacy is low then their standard of living will be lower. This generation must keep up and excel in every type of literacy so that future generations can learn from us and excel from us so they can survive in today’s and tomorrow’s complex and ever-evolving society.